Virginia Lorello

2019-11-28        来源:华人设计师网        作者:海燕

Virginia Lorello


“Workshop Desk” is a cheap desk made for workers, for artists. It is a joint of OSB and lacquered panels, of rough and smooth, of black and white, of practicality and beauty.
It is made for creators, for hands, for tools. The rough surface won't underline signs of cutters, pens and ink shades.


This house in Valtournenche is in Italy, near famous skiing facilities of Cervinia.
The project, instead of enclosing itself in a completely wooden cocoon – like traditional houses - brings into the interior the strong relationship of stone and wood. Light colors on the walls, new windows with reduced frames and the open-space kitchen, favor the entry of the clear mountain light and its snowy landscapes.


This project for a single-family house is located in Bovisio, a province nearby Milan, in the north of Italy. The core of the floor becomes the kitchen, with its wardrobe system that can be accessed from more sides. Transparency and brightness are main values, which are also reflected in the choice of colors and materials. The project solves various functionalities, with a cohesive and coherent environment.


The intervention recovers an existing concrete dwelling, facing the Sicilian coast of Syracuse. The request of the clients is to have two separate “experiences” of their home: two external paths with different characteristics, two separate apartments and a single common area where to meet. The landscape is re-shaped following the naturalistic characteristics of the region.